Who We Are


Founder + Chef, Will Lacey

 Growing up in my house was almost like a commercial kitchen in that my family is fortunate to have multiple incredible cooks that forced me to bide my time as a dishwasher for years... this fact will be argued over within the family. But I was lucky to learn that food was a breaker of barriers. Everyone, no matter their background, was welcome for the nourishment of their body and soul. The majority of this philosophy was formulated in my upbringing on Driftwood Plantation, a cattle farm just outside of Charleston, SC. Surrounded by fresh produce and the bounty of our waterways and fields, I experienced the importance of using fresh ingredients.



This upbringing was not lost on me as I founded a catering company, specialty food company, and have been the chef for numerous events across the country. Listening to those attending the events, the farmers and producers, and everyone involved, had a tremendous impact on my growth as a chef and human being. 



As I continue to grow my roots with my newest venture, Driftwood Pantry, I am eager to provide services, products, and support within all communities. The opportunity to work with non-profits such as E.A.T. Foundation and my own organization, Second Supper, will always serve as a grounding point for me and I eagerly work toward more opportunities to give back. 

Under the Driftwood Pantry umbrella, I am proud to offer:

· Catering and Special Events

· Chef and Product Collaborations

- Original Driftwood Pantry products for retail/wholesale

· Product  Development